Our Staff

Scotty Harris - Senior Minister scotty@grace-pointe.com. Scotty delights in serving the people of Grace Pointe. The heart of Grace Pointe is the grace-filled service to others for the glory of God and the good of all. 

Matt Renahan - Youth and Outreach Minister matthew.renahan@gmail.com.  Matt loves serving the Lord with this fantastic church body at Grace Pointe. Becoming more like Jesus everyday is the most important thing to him. If you love God and put Him first, then we will be equipped.

Hinton Horn - Worship and Small Group Leader.  

Tiffany Andrews - Office Administrator office@grace-pointe.com. Tiffany has been serving the Grace Pointe Church since April 2009. Her favorite thing about Grace Pointe is the people. 

A Place to Belong

We have a place for you! Small groups and Bible classes for all ages! we have a ministry for you!




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Senior Adult

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